The following is a few different ways we can deploy you Kami license. For information on the different plans and how they can be shared please see our pricing page here.  


License Key/Link

This method is often used with Kami Teacher Plans or limited rollout Education Plan licenses where you need the license deployed to a specific group of users. 

When you first sign up for a license you will receive both an email containing a license key, there is also a link that will automatically enter said code into the users account as a quicker way to apply that. 

We have a full article here with instructions on sharing your license key with your students. 


CSV Upload

Again this method is used primarily with the Kami Teacher Plan or the site-wide or in limited rollout Education Plans. This method is often preferable to the License Key/Link since it lets you deploy to multiple users all at once. 

For this we need get a .csv file containing just the email addresses that teachers and students will use to sign up for Kami with. 

We're then able to either add or remove groups of users using this method too which can be helpful if you have high student turnover or you want to periodically remove off users to conserve seats on the license.

Domain-Wide Deployment

This option is only available with a district-wide Education Plan. Using this method we are able to deploy your Kami license across your schools domain (or multiple domains if you have separate domains for teacher and students. 

For example if I deployed a license to the domain, then anyone who has an email address ending in would automatically get access to the full features. 


Organizational Unit (OU) Deployment

It is also possible to manage your seats on the license using G-suite OU groups. 

Please contact us at if you are interested in this. You can manage this using our Kami License Dashboard where you can manage that as well as view usage metrics (please note only CTO or admin staff are allowed access to this feature)

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