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How to deploy your License with Domain-Wide deployment
How to deploy your License with Domain-Wide deployment

Adding users to the license using domain-wide deployment

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How the Domain-wide deployment works

Domain-wide deployment is designed for licenses that cover all users under a domain. It is the most efficient deployment method, automatically assigning the license to any email using your chosen domain/s.

For example, a license is deployed domain-wide to and Any user who signs up with their or email account will be added to the license. Any existing Kami accounts using the same domain email will be covered.
Because of the simplicity of how this deployment currently works, removing any users is impossible because they will get re-added once the domain-wide automatic function triggers. We recommend using the Google Workspace OU deployment method.

The indication that the license is deployed domain-wide is if you see a domain in the Email Domain data section. If that section is blank, the license is currently not deployed domain-wide.

How to activate domain-wide deployment to your license

This deployment can only be activated by a Kami representative. If you wish your license to be deployed domain-wide, please contact your Kami representative to find out if your license is eligible for a domain-wide deployment.

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