Getting started with the License Dashboard

Navigating the License Dashboard to help you manage users

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The license dashboard is a useful tool to help you monitor and manage the users on your subscription.

You can access the Customer Dashboard through this link or your profile menu in Kami:

Once there you will see two sections:
A. Licenses: These are the licenses that you are on.
B. Administered Licenses: These are the licenses that you are listed as an Administrator for.

Clicking the "Domains" button will bring you to your Administered Domains. Here you can see how many Kami users are on your domain. You also have access to additional features if you're signed in with a G-suite admin account.

Clicking the "Learning Management Systems" button will bring up a drop-down menu. You can choose between Google Classroom or Canvas (The license dashboard currently does not have features for Schoology but rest assured that you still have access to this integration).

Google Classroom will bring you to the Class Snapshots tool. Here you can take a snapshot of a class so you can have a copy for use later on.

Canvas will bring you to the LTI generation tool. Here you can generate an LTI consumer key and shared secret to be used for our Canvas integration. You can learn more about installing Kami on Canvas through this other article.

Finally, clicking the "Administer License" button will bring you to the license page. This page has four main sections:

A. License Information: Here you can view all the information related to your license.

B. Deployment Options: A license administrator has access to 3 deployment options: Manual, CSV, or G-Suite Organization Unit. You can learn more about these options in this article.

C. Usage Statistics: You get access to a graph updated weekly with user stats. This can help you identify how many users are actively using your license.

D. User List: This is a list of all the Kami users that are currently under your license. You can filter users by using the search bar or clicking the labels.

This is all of the content available in the License Dashboard in Kami ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

For any questions or issues about the license dashboard, you can refer to our FAQ or reach out to us at

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