Deploying and Managing your Kami License

A summary of how to deploy and manage your license

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Introduction to the License Dashboard

After you have been introduced to the Kami License Dashboard, the next step is to share the excitement and get users added to the License. There are a couple of different ways to add them, depending on what type of license was purchased.

Deployment summary

The table below gives you an overall summary of our deployment types, and which license type they are suited for, the buttons on the right are links to articles with expanded information on that deployment type.

Deployment Type

License Type

Google Workspace - Organizational Unit (OU)

District, School, and Building licenses


District licenses

CSV file upload

All types of licenses

Add users by email address

All types of licenses

Auto-enrollment system via Kami Assignment in a Learning Management System (LMS)

Teacher Licenses

Google Classroom Roster Sync

Teacher Licenses with Google Classroom

License Link

All types of licenses - not recommended

License Key

All types of licenses - not recommended

License Invite System

This is an additional system that only affects two deployment methods: CSV file upload and Add User email address.

This additional step only happens when the Kami License Admin who uses either of these two methods is not a Domain Admin. On average, Kami License Admins are also made as Domain Admins during the purchase or renewal stage. This means that this License Invite System is skipped over and all users are added right away.

How does the system work?

Instead of adding the users to the license right away, the users will instead get an invitation pop-up in their Kami App for them to accept before they get added to the license.

When a user closes the invite, they can access it again through the Help button dropdown menu.

You can determine if the user has been added right away or has been sent an invite by the status shown under the status column in the user list while viewing the license in the license dashboard. Accepted means they don't need to do anything, while Invite means they cannot use the full potential of the Kami App until they accept the invite.

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