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How to share your Kami license using the License Key or License Link
How to share your Kami license using the License Key or License Link

This article should guide you to add users using your license key or license link found in your license dashboard.

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License Dashboard

The first step in most deployment methods is heading to your license dashboard. You can find it in the Kami app by selecting your initials, which will be in the drop-down.

❗️ If you don't see the License Dashboard button, you aren't an admin on the license. If you are supposed to be the admin, please email, and we will make sure the appropriate person is added as an admin.

Once at your license dashboard, make sure to select administer license on the license you wish to find the link/license key to

Once you locate the license you want to share with your students, the How to Share Access with Your Students section will have all the necessary information.

License Link

The first option will be the link you share with your students. It will look like a website link and functions the same as a website. Have the students add it to their web bar at the top of any browser they are logged into Kami with, and it should add them to the license.

The second option is the license key/code. If you share this with your students, they must manually enter it.

Student step to add License Key

Have your students go to Kami and click their initials here; they will have the option to Enter Coupon.

Once selected, they will be able to add the license key in the text-box section seen below.

If your student selects apply, it will add them to the license. There shouldn't be any further steps after this.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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