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How to add students to your Kami License with Google Classroom Roster Sync
How to add students to your Kami License with Google Classroom Roster Sync

This article will help you deploy your Google Classroom Class to your Kami License

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This deployment method is only available for teachers who are in a Teacher License when using Google Classroom as their Learning Management System.

This will create an automatic sync between your selected classes in Google Classroom and your Kami license. All students under the selected classes will be added to the license.

How to add your class to the Google Classroom Roster Sync

To sync your Google Classroom classes, go to Kami and select your initials at the top right. Select Google Classroom Sync in the drop-down menu.

Once selected, a small window will appear in the center of your Kami App where you will be able to select the classes you have access to and sync them to your Kami license, simply click the arrow and select Save Selection.
πŸ“Œ Note: If any new students join a class that is synced here they will automatically be added to the License. Automatic sync happens every 12 hours.

How to add Google Classroom Roster Sync through the License Dashboard

This is an alternative method for teachers who have their own Teacher License (not shared with any other teachers). They also need to be set as a License Admin to this license.

To get to your license dashboard you want to go to Kami and click on your initials at the top right, then select License Dashboard in the drop-down menu.

Once there, you will be presented with your license; make sure that you select your active license. Once you have located your license, please select Administer License

Then scroll down till you see the option for Google Classroom Students Roster Sync, then select Roster Sync.

Here you will be able to see all your classes that are currently synced, and you can add more classes by selecting the Add enrolment source button.

You are all sorted! If you need any further assistance don't hesitate to get in touch with

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