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How to Auto-Enroll your students to your Kami License
How to Auto-Enroll your students to your Kami License

This article will help you understand what Auto-Enrollment is and how it functions

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What is Auto-Enrollment in Kami?

Auto-Enrollment is a method to add your students to the license by creating a Kami assignment inside of a Learning Management system.

The learning management systems that allow for this are Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.

Note: As the Teacher you need to have a license for this to function as expected. This method is best suited for teachers on a Kami Teacher Plan.

How to make sure it works?


As a Teacher you will have to have a few things, first you need a Teacher License, secondly you need to have the Kami Chrome Extension installed.

Once you have those things you can go to your desired Learning Management System and create your Kami assignment.


As a student the only thing you need to do is open your Kami assignment, make sure that you already have a Kami account and the extension as this will make the process easier.

To create a Kami account prior to opening your Kami assignment please look at this article here

Things to note:

  • This makes all other deployment methods (almost) unnecessary for Teacher licenses. One common problem is if a teacher creates a regular assignment rather than a Kami assignment. The auto-enrollment system will not work this way.

  • Only an authorized Kami team member can enable or disable this system on a license. This is quite complex to use for large licenses, which is why it is disabled by default for those licenses. If you have any questions about this method, sing out to our Customer Success team!

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