Are you wanting to sign up to use Kami? Great - you have come to the right place to get started and create an account!

The Sign-Up process is quick and easy. Get started, by going to, or by downloading the Chrome extension here.

By going to the Home Page of Kami at you can Create an Account:

It will then take you to a window asking for an email to sign up to Kami with as shown below:

From here, either sign in with Google or enter the email address you wish to sign up with, and the password you intend to use.

Below is signing up using your email address:

Below is showing the signing into Kami using Google view:

You will then be prompted to select the type of user that you are, Kami will then keep this information for future reference.

So long as the email address is not connected to another Kami account, you will then be forwarded to this page to Complete Sign Up:

Once you have filled out that information, you will be taken to your Kami Dashboard where you can open your first file. Either drag the document from your desktop into Kami, or you can open documents from Google Drive.

This is what your Kami Account Homepage looks like:

Now that you have signed up with Kami, you will automatically have a FREE Kami account! 😍 This Basic plan is the default plan for a newly created account.

If you would like to Upgrade for more features, click the 'Upgrade' button in the top left. Find out more about our different accounts and pricing here.

If you encounter any issues with creating an account and logging in, please contact us at We''ll be happy to help resolve them for you.

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