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How to Install Kami for Microsoft Edge
How to Install Kami for Microsoft Edge

Installing the Kami Microsoft Edge extension and how it works.

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Adding Kami to your Microsoft Edge extensions

Kami’s Microsoft Edge extension is totally free and is the quickest way for you to access all of our tools and features. The extension provides a seamless experience when using the Microsoft Teams LMS and OneDrive to load/save files. See our article on using Kami with Microsoft OneDrive here.

To install the extension, head to Microsoft Edge Add-ons, search for “Kami” and click Get.

Here’s the link to Kami's Microsoft Add-ons page if you ever need it.

How to create a Kami account

New to Kami? Sign up for free to get started and your profile will auto-sync with your newly added Kami extension.

  • To sign-up or log in, click your Kami extension, or type in your browser.

  • Choose Continue with Microsoft.

  • Follow the prompts to create a profile.

How to pin Kami to your extension toolbar

Now that your extension is ready to go, don’t forget to pin it for quicker access!

To pin your Kami extension, click Extensions in Microsoft Edge and select the Eye icon next to Kami for Microsoft Edge.

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