Kami License Administrator FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions by License Administrators

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I don't have a Kami account. How do I become a license administrator?

Unfortunately, a Kami account is required to access the license dashboard.

How do I access my license dashboard?

You can access the Customer Dashboard through this link or your profile menu in Kami:

I don't see anything on my Administered License section.

This means that you're not listed as an Administrator for any licenses. You can contact us at support@kamiapp.com if you're looking to administer a specific license.

Why do users get added back when I try to remove them from the license?

Users being added back to your license means that you are on a domain-wide subscriptions. Since your license is deployed to your entire domain, any user that has a Kami account under that domain email will be automatically added unless the user deletes their account.

Why do teachers receive a license limit message when we haven’t even pushed it out to them yet?

The main reason for this message appearing is users being accidentally added to the license. This happens if:

  1. A student signed up with the incorrect User Type (Teacher or Other). Their User Type can be changed by following these instructions.

  2. A teacher was accidentally added to the license through our auto-enrolment system.

The solution for this would be to go to your License Dashboard and use the filter function to check if a Student email has a User Type or if an unwanted Teacher email has been added:

How do I add more license administrators?

You will need to contact us at support@kamiapp.com to add extra administrators for your license.

Why can't I access the G-suite Organization Unit deployment option?

Missing this option means that you are on a Domain-wide license. We will need to remove the domain-wide deployment to give you access to the G-suite Organization Unit option.

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