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Installing Kami's Paid Canvas LTI Integration Manually
Installing Kami's Paid Canvas LTI Integration Manually

Instructions for installing Kami in Canvas and some tips to avoid known issues.

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Note: This integration does require the user to be on a paid/trial license. For instructions on using this integration after it's installed, see

Note: There is now an automated way to install the paid Canvas and Kami integration. See:

Please read the final notes at the end of this article for some further tips to avoid a commonly reported problem that may affect your ability to open files.

1. The Kami LTI integration can be added to either a specific course, or to all the courses within your Canvas site if you are an administrator. Browse to the Settings section of your site or course, and then choose the 'Apps' tab.

That will bring up the App Center view:

Click on Apps to the right tab from Course Details.


3. In the External Apps Center, there will be a search bar on the right. From there, you should be able to search for Kami.

4. Click 'Add app' and when prompted, you will need to input a Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

Click the following button to generate your LTI Key and Secret.
(please ensure that you use the same Key and Secret across all of your courses, more on this below):

Generating a Key for the integration is restricted to users on either a paid or trial license. Previously, The Kami LTI Integration was available to anyone as part of the beta phase, or testing phase, of the integration which was launched last school year. This has now ended. All existing keys will still remain active until the end of the 2020-2021 school year unless the user tied with the key has a paid license which will let the user use the integration until this paid license expires instead.

Then click "Add App" to add the integration as the codes will be added already.

The screenshot below shows the list of installed instances in Canvas. Check here if you want to see if your installation worked.

Something to bear in mind:

The most common issue people run into is the error shown in this screenshot below: 

Why does this happen?
This happens when there is an installation of Kami in your course that has the incorrect LTI consumer key or shared secret. This is most commonly the case when you have manually installed Kami to Canvas whilst having multiple previous installations of Kami or your Canvas admin has installed Kami across your school domain.

Solution: To troubleshoot this, please go to your Course Settings then navigate to the Apps tab and click the App Configurations button.

Once there, you can Remove all installations of Kami (it will be the one without a lock icon next to it) and try re-installing it with the correct LTI integration keys generated here:

We recommend that you check this for each of the courses that you have set up.

Here are screenshots of this process outlined above:

Things to Keep in mind:

  • You will need to contact your canvas administrator if you don’t have the ability to delete previous installations of Kami.

  • You may also need to contact your canvas administrator if you only have one installation of Kami with an exclamation point icon.

Alternative Install Method: External URL

In the event that you do not have a hosted domain, or are unable to see the App Center, you can still install Kami via the External URL Method:

When you brin up the Apps Center, you will need to click the button at the top right - '+App' .

Choose 'By URL' as the configuration type then set up the settings as follows, using as the configuration URL and the key and secret from step 3 above.

Click submit to add the integration.

Feel free to send us a message if you are having any other Canvas related issues and we'll be able to help you get that up and running. 

Lastly for help on using this integration to push out assignments to your class, see

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