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How to re-use Kami assignments in Google Classroom
How to re-use Kami assignments in Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom Snapshot feature to re-use Kami assignments

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There is currently no direct way for you to duplicate an existing Kami assignment in Google Classroom. Using Google Classroom's Reuse post only creates a copy of it as a normal assignment without the Kami integration included.

However, we have the option to copy an entire Google Classroom Class which preserves any Kami assignments that it has. This is an alternative option if you'd like to duplicate Kami assignments to different classes or re-use them next year. We call this feature Class Snapshots.

Using Class Snapshots

The steps below will guide you through copying your Google Classroom classes.
First, head to your License dashboard; you can go to and click on your initials icon at the top right and click on the License Dashboard button.

Once you arrive at the license dashboard, click on the Learning Management Systems dropdown menu and then select Google Classroom.

This will load you the Class Snapshots page. Any Class Snapshot you generated in the past will be available here. To create a new Class Snapshot by selecting Add/Update Class Snapshots button.

This will then show you all your Google Classroom classes related to the Google account you used with your Kami account. Find the one you want to copy and select the Create button.

A loading bar will be visible to show the progress.

It will take you back to your list of Class Snapshots once it is complete. There you want to copy the link it created (there is a little copy button as seen below). Open a new browser tab, paste the link, and load it to initiate copying.

πŸ” You can re-use the Class Snapshot link to create more than one copy. You don't have to recreate the Snapshot.

Once the link is loaded, it will give you the chance to name the new class. Click on the Start Copy button when you are ready.

Once the process completes, you want to go to your Google Classroom class list to accept the new class that you just created with the Class Snapshots feature.

Don't forget to add your students to this class.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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