Using Kami's Schoology Integration with Microsoft OneDrive instead of Google Drive is really simple, and here are the steps to walk you through it.

To get started, if not already done, install the Kami Extension for either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You then need to have a Microsoft Account set up and connected to Kami, For more information on doing that, check out the help center article here (link when the article is copy-written and published) and either a paid or trial Teacher/School Plan active on that account.

Creating a Kami Assignment (Teacher Side):

Once that's all set up, Go to Schoology and then navigate to the course you want. Click Add Materials, then Add Assignment from the drop-down menu.

In the ‘Create Assignment’ view, simply click the Kami icon to launch the file picker and that will give you the option to select either Google Drive or OneDrive as the file storage for that assignment, If you do not see the Kami icon, you’ll need to make sure you have the Kami Edge extension installed.

You can then select the file from your OneDrive, and that will be set as the assignment file.

When the students open the file into Kami on their accounts, it will create an individual copy of the file for them to complete/annotate.

Fill in the rest of your assignment details as you normally would, then click “Create” to finish.

Once that is pushed out, it will show up for the student in their Assignments section in Schoology.

Completing the Assignment (Student Side)

The students should then see the assignment in the Course Materials Section in Schoology, they can then open the Assignment. On that page, there will be an "Open Assignment with Kami" button. Clicking that will open the assignment file into Kami If they do not see this option, they will need to make sure they have the Kami extension installed in their Browser.

Here they can complete the assignment using Kami’s tools and features.

Once they are finished with their work, they’ll need to click the Turn In button to submit their work to their teacher.

Grading with Kami: (Teacher Side)

That file will now show up as a submission for that assignment on that Materials page,

After selecting a specific student’s submission from the Submissions column on the right it will open the Schoology Grader, and show a flattened version of the submitted file.

To view the annotations as made in Kami, you can open the document in Kami via the generated sharing link In the Submission Activity column, or click on “Open with Kami” in the top right of the page.

“Open with Kami” will open Kami in the Grading viewer PDF window, allowing you to annotate and grade with the full range of Kami tools.

Give the work a grade and then click Submit to return it to your student. The Student is also able to open the file into Kami, so that you can work collaboratively with them on the document.

If you run into any issues with creating, submitting, or grading Assignments in Kami, feel free to reach out via and we'll be happy to help!

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