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Working on Kami Assignments in Schoology as a Student
Working on Kami Assignments in Schoology as a Student

Everything a student needs to know about the Kami Schoology Integration

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How to use the Kami Schoology integration as a Student

1. Open your Kami Assignment

Go into the Courses tab, then click the Course you'd like to open. After clicking a course, you should see all the materials assigned by your teacher.

2. Load and annotate your Kami Assignment

Click the Material you'd like to work on to load your Assignment in Kami. You should have all the tools available to annotate your file.

3. Turn in your Kami Assignment

Once you're done with your work, you can submit the assignment directly from Kami to Schoology by clicking the Submit button at the top right corner of Kami.

❗️ Assessment Mode

You won't be able to access your Assignment after it is submitted if your teacher has enabled assessment mode.

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