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Creating Kami Assignments in Schoology using the Extension Integration
Creating Kami Assignments in Schoology using the Extension Integration

How to use the Kami integration with Schoology to push out assignments to your students.

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Creating a Kami Assignment using the Kami Schoology integration is as easy as clicking a few buttons, but before you can start using the Integration, you must install the Kami Google Chrome Extension.

Once the extension is installed, you can create Kami Assignments directly inside Schoology.

โœ๏ธ Extension deployment

The extension can also be pushed out by the School /District IT department to all users via the instructions in this article.

How to create a Kami Assignment in Schoology

1. Open the Schoology Assignment window

Click the Add Materials button on your chosen Schoology Course page, then select Add Assignment

2. Select material to assign

Now you should see the Schoology assignment window where you can click the Kami button to attach a Kami file to this assignment.

Clicking the Kami button will open a new window where you can select files from your Google Drive or OneDrive.


Whichever file storage is chosen will require the students to have an account set up with that same provider. For example, an assignment file in OneDrive cannot be opened and saved into the student's Google Drive.

3. Create the Kami Assignment

After the file is added, you will see a Kami File attached to the Schoology Assignment window. You can then fill in all the required fields and create the Assignment.

And... You're all done! Your students should now have access and can start working on their assignments using the Kami Schoology integration.

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