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Grading Kami Assignments made with Extension Integration in Schoology
Grading Kami Assignments made with Extension Integration in Schoology
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Kami seamlessly integrates with Schoology to make grading quick and simple, but before you can start using the Integration, you must install the Kami Google Chrome Extension.

Once you have the extension installed, you will be able to grade assignments through Kami directly inside Schoology.

How to grade a Kami Assignment in Schoology

1. Select and review a Kami Assignment

Go into the Courses tab, then click the Course you'd like to open. After clicking a course, you should see all the assigned materials.

2. The Schoology assignment page

Click the Material you'd like to Grade to go to the Assignment Menu. Simply choose the student submission you'd like to grade in the Submissions section.

3. Grading a Kami Assignment

Clicking the Student Submission will bring you to the Schoology Grading page, where you'll be able to annotate student assignments individually.

โœ๏ธ Take note

You have the Open with Kami checkbox ticked to open the student assignment in Kami and get access to all the tools.

4. Posting your grade to students

When you're done grading, simply write your comment, then click the Post button in the Submission Activity section.

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