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How to install the Kami extension for Google Chrome
How to install the Kami extension for Google Chrome

Installing the Kami extension for the Google Chrome browser.

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What is the Kami extension?

The Kami extension enhances your Kami experience by providing extra features and makes it easier for you to load your files into Kami. It also acts as a shortcut to open the Kami app in one click and enables some of our LMS integrations.

Adding the Kami extension

Head to Kami's Chrome Web Store page and click the Add to Chrome button.

Pinning the Kami extension

Now that your extension is installed, don’t forget to pin it for quicker access!

To pin your Kami extension, click the Extensions button that looks like a puzzle piece in Chrome, and click the Pin button next to Kami for Google Chrome™.

The Kami extension will now appear next to your extension button in Chrome, so you can access the Kami app by clicking on it.

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