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Creating Kami Assignments in Schoology using the External Tool Integration
Creating Kami Assignments in Schoology using the External Tool Integration

Steps on how to push out assignments using the Schoology External Tool Integration

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Creating an Assignment using the Kami Schoology integration is as easy as clicking a button, but before you can start using the Integration, you must install the Schoology External Tool Integration.

Once the integration is installed, you can create Kami Assignments directly inside Schoology.

How to create a Kami Assignment in Schoology

1. Open the Kami Assignment window

Click the Add Materials button on your chosen Schoology Course page, then select Kami.

2. Select material to assign

Now, you should see the Kami assignment window where you can create an assignment by selecting a file from Google Drive or OneDrive, and you also have the option to use one of our Kami Library resources directly from here or upload a file from your computer/device.

At the bottom of this window, we've added some features to help students and to allow the teacher more customization when creating an assignment:

Assessment Mode

Picking this option will allow you to set a Due Date for the assignment and restrict the student's access after they Submit it. You can restore their access by Returning the graded file.

✏️ Choosing a due date will automatically submit all assignments back to the teacher once time's up.

Control Features

Picking this option lets you select or unselect tools you'd like your students to have in their toolbox for that specific assignment. You can learn more about Control Features in this article.

3. Assign your Kami Assignment

Once you click the Continue button, a brand new window will appear that lets you customize the Schoology Assignment as you see fit. When you're done, please remember to click the Save Changes button to publish the Assignment to your students.

And... You're all done! Your students should now have access and can start working on their assignments by following this article.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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