Third-Party App Access Controls

Due to recent changes from Google it is vital for you as an admin to allow Kami so your users have access.

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This article covers each step you need to take to avoid disruption from Google's recent changes.

Due to a recent change regarding the authorization and approval of 3rd party apps for the Google Workspace for Education, there are essential steps you need to follow to enable students to log into Kami with their school-issued Google accounts. This change will apply to all users under the age of 18 from October 23rd, 2023. After that time, students cannot log into Kami with their Google account unless they follow the steps below.

We'll walk through the steps to confirm Kami as an approved app for students. Please note this is a separate requirement from rolling out the Kami extension and the other Kami Network Requirements.

1. Setting up API controls

Before we apply the authorization changes, we must ensure the API settings are as they should be. Please follow these steps and ensure everything is as seen in these screenshots.

To get started, go to the side panel of your Admin Console and click Security > Access and Data control > API controls to access your API settings.

Next, click anywhere in the Settings section to expand it, and then select Unconfigured third-party apps.

Set this to the permission that best suits your organization's Policy.

​2. Confirm settings for configured third-party apps

Once you select save, it will return you to this page, then select Manage Third Party App Access to get to the next stage of the process. This will bring you to the App Access Control page. Please select the Apps Pending Review option.

Once you select that, look for the Kami app and hover over to the right to see a Configure access option.

πŸ” If you can't see the Kami App under Apps Pending Review, it might already be under the Configured Apps. Please check it there and make sure the app is configured as Trusted. You will likely see multiple Kami entries due to different scopes. Please configure all of them to be Trusted.

Next, select all the Org units. Once you do, there will be an option to Configure access. Select that option, as seen below.

​3. Configure Access for Kami

Go through each of the steps below. Make sure that Kami is set to Trusted.

Once you select Confirm access settings, the parental consent form will pop up. Once you've finished reading through that, select Confirm.

Once you confirm, that should be all set. Your users will now have their access confirmed and should be able to continue logging into Kami as usual when these changes take hold on October 23rd, 2023.
If you need to add Kami to the allowlist, please follow this link here.

Furthermore, if you need to deploy the extension, please have a look at this article here

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