Allowlist Kami for Google Advanced Protection

Google for business/education has the ability to Allowlist (white list) third party applications like Kami organisation wide.

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For information about deploying Kami extension organisation wide please refer to here, this article is just installing and allowlisting the App org wide.
The actions below are reversible. The steps need to be done by your Super Admin or someone with sufficiently high privileged access in your organization. Please make sure you have checked with IT or admin departments as this will allow the application for your whole organization.

To enable Kami to work with teachers and students more efficiently (and with fewer prompts, like drive access) Kami can be set up at the organization level. These steps tell Google that your organization trusts Kami. It allows access to Google services if you are using the Google advanced protection (GAP) service.

Step 1: Log in to Google Workspace

You must be logged in to your organization's google workspace account.
​Step 2: Navigate to Admin Console:

Step 3: Add additional services to Google

Once logged in, click on "Apps" in the left column toolbar. Under Google

Workspace marketplace apps click on "Apps list".

Step 4: Find Kami as a third-party application to add to Org.

Click the "Install app" button in the Domain Installed Apps screen.
A new window will open showing third-party applications search bar.

Type in "Kami". in the "Search Apps" search bar.

"Kami" app: Bring learning to life with a little Kami magic, will show.

Step 5: Add Kami Application
Select "Kami" and a new window will open up with two options: "Admin install" or "Individual install". Select the "Admin install". You'll see a pop-up informing you of the Admin install selection. Select "Continue". You'll see another pop-up, select "Everyone in your organization". Tick to agree to both tick boxes after reading and then select "Finish".

Step 6: Allowlist Kami

The Kami app should not be listed in the Domain installed Apps screen, locate the

"Allowlist App" button (next to the Install App) and select it, this will open a new screen with a search bar. Type in Kami or locate Kami and click the word "Select".

Choose the "Allow users to install this app" option and click "Continue". Select "Everyone" and click "Finish". Make sure you "Confirm" the Parental Consent popup.

Step 7: Confirm access granted

In the "Domain Installed Apps" screen, click on Kami, and scroll down to "Data Access". You can see all the scopes are granted and in green. If this is the case, Kami is now "Whitelisted" or "Allow-listed" meaning it is approved as an app for your Organisation.

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