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How to manage Users on a Teacher Plan πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“
How to manage Users on a Teacher Plan πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“

For already established licenses with active users

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Sometimes, you may have to change around who's currently on your license, maybe a student has left the class or was mistakenly added to yours. Or a new teacher is taking over. Regardless, you'll need to change whose emails are on the license to avoid going over the limits.

Note: This article is aimed at users managing already established licenses with active users, If you have just purchased or are trialling a license and are trying to set your students/user ups, this article will likely suit your needs better:

Managing your Teacher Plan requires access to the Kami License Dashboard. If you do not have access to the Kami License Dashboard, then please email us at Typically, whoever paid for the license would have access to the Kami License Dashboard.Β 

To access that please go to

What happens if I go over the limit on my plan?

When you go over the limit on your plan, you will receive an email notifying you and referring you to this article and the License Dashboard. You can find the maximum limit of accounts for your license by visiting the Kami License Dashboard and checking your license's Licensed Students Seats field. You can also find your total users count by checking your license's User Count field.Β 

Note that on Kami Teacher Plan licenses; the Licensed Seats refers to the limit on the number of teachers and number of other miscellaneous users (for a single Teacher Plan this will always be set to '1'). The Licensed Student Seats on the other hand refers to the number of students that the license can be shared with. Β 

You might have added extra people to your license by assigning them a Kami Assignment in Google Classroom, or by adding them through the Kami License Dashboard. Alternatively, the extra people might have added themselves to your license by applying your license key to their account in the Enter License/Coupon field on the menu in Kami.Β 

​What should I do now?

You can manage your license by using the Kami License Dashboard. To remove all students users, Please refer to the button below. You can also remove individual users by selectively clicking the red icon next to their details.Β 

If you have correctly managed your license, then your license's User Count will be less than the Licensed Copies count.
If you think something is not right, then email us at and we can provide extra assistance.

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