Kami's streamlined Schoology integration allows teachers to easily send work to their students from Schoology and allows students to easily turn in their work to the teacher. . This integration is only available with a paid Kami Education plan (i.e. the Teacher, School, and District plans).

Note: This integration uses the Kami Google Chrome extension, and will only work with Chrome.  This guide is for Teachers and Students using Google accounts with Schoology and its integration with Google Drive - Instructions for using Schoology with Microsoft are available here.

Creating an Assignment using Kami and Schoology

  • Ensure the Kami Extension is installed. There is no need to install a Kami app from the Schoology App Store - instead, the Schoology integration relies on the Kami extension being installed for Teachers and Students. You should see the blue K icon showing at the top right of your Chrome Window - if its not there, go to the Chrome Web Store to install the extension. For the best experience, we recommend that your IT department rolls out the extension to all your users following the instructions here.

  • In Schoology, browse to your course and choose Add Materials -> Add Assignment

  • Choose 'Kami' under the Assign From App section

  • Choose a file from your Google Drive, or upload one using the 'Upload' tab. You can select a PDF file, or a different file type which Kami supports for conversion, e.g. Image Files, Word, PowerPoint, and many other formats.

  • Finish creating the assignment in Schoology as you normally would

Opening Assignments and Turning In Assignments (For Students)

  • Students find assignments as they normally would in Schoology, and when they click on one, there will be a new 'Complete Kami Assignment' button:

  • When Students click that button, Kami will open and load the file. The File will be automatically uploaded to the Student's Google Drive, and also shared with the teacher's Google account, so that they can view the work in progress.

  • Note: The first time a student uses Schoology with Kami, we will ask them to select the Google Drive account for the "Kami Schoology Assignments" folder.

  • Note:  If the students come back to Schoology later and click the 'Open Assignment' button again, they will get the same copy of the file so they can continue their work. Students can also open the file with Kami directly from their Google Drive, and continue their work or turn in that way.

  • Once the student has finished their work on the assignment, they can click the 'Turn In' button at the top right inside Kami:

  • This will export the document with their changes, and return them to Schoology, where they can simply click 'Submit' to complete the submission:

  • The file is now attached as a normal Schoology assignment submission, and you can mark it and assign grades using the usual Schoology tools.

Can I see my students' progress in real time?

You can see your students' work before they turn their work in. When you send your students a Kami Assignment from Schoology, a shared copy of their work will appear in the 'Shared with me' folder in your Google Drive. 

Grading Assignments using Kami and Schoology

Click on your students' names as they appear under the submissions list on the right side of the assignment page.

Once you're in Schoology's grading view, you can turn on the "Grade with Kami" feature by clicking on the checkbox on the top of the screen. This enables you to give feedback to your students' assignment submission.

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