This tutorial will show you how to deploy the Kami extension and app to all your users. You can see why we recommend deploying both the App and the Extension here

1. Go to Google admin panel (, and sign in using your administrator-level Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account.

2. Select "Device Management."

3. Select "Chrome Management."

4. Select "User Settings."

5. Navigate to the "Apps and Extensions" section, then the "Force-installed Apps and Extensions" subsection, then select "Manage force-installed apps."

6. Select "Chrome Web Store."

7. Search for "Kami" and install the top two results, which are the App and the Extension, by selecting "Add." (The other two Kami results, Split and Merge and OCR, are useful tools but are not necessary to install. To learn more, read here and here.) 

8. Press "Save."

9. Select "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Note: We recommend blocking other PDF viewers that may confuse students, such as DocHub. You can do this by repeating steps 1-4, clicking "Manage" under "Allowed Apps and Extensions," and then adding the apps you wish to block.

Note: Since we recommend installing both the App and the Extension, we also recommend using the Google Admin Console, because this can be done in one step (the G Suite Marketplace only allows you to install the App, so you need to use the Google Admin Console anyway). 

However, if you really want to deploy using the G Suite and then the Google Admin Console, here is how:


How Do I Deploy Kami Using G Suite?

1. Go to the G Suite Marketplace for Kami.

2. Click Install App in the top right corner 

3. Click Continue

4. Review the terms of service, specify if you want to make the app available to your whole domain or to a specific team or department, check the agreement box and click Accept

5. If you want to send users notification that the app is available, set the Notification will be sent to user setting to On and click Next

6. When installation is complete, you can click Done.

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