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Guide for Teachers: How to set up and use Kami with Canvas
Guide for Teachers: How to set up and use Kami with Canvas

A quick guide to help teachers get started with Kami. Follow these steps on how to set up Kami for you and your students.

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1️⃣ Set up your Kami to get started

Install the Kami extension:

📌 Note: If your school or district has purchased a Kami license, this step might have already been taken care of by your tech administrator. You can skip this step if you already have the Kami extension installed in your browser.

  • Install the Kami for Google Chrome extension here.

  • If you use Microsoft, install the Kami for Edge extension here.

Sign up or log in to Kami:

  • To open Kami, click the extension from your browser, or head straight to

  • Sign up or log in using your school's email account, either With Google or With Microsoft.

  • If signing up, follow the prompts to create a profile and make sure to select Teacher as your role. This gives you the ability to add students to your teacher license.

2️⃣ Connect Kami to your Google Drive or OneDrive

If using Google Drive:

  • In Google Drive, right-click on the file and click Open with, then choose Annotate with Kami.

  • If Kami's not there, select Connect More Apps to search "Kami" to connect.

📌 Note: If connecting Kami with Google Drive for the first time, Google will ask you for a list of permissions. This step is essential to allow seamless connection with Kami and Google apps.

If using OneDrive:

  • Log in to Kami and head to the Dashboard.

  • In the "Open file from" section, choose OneDrive to bring up the file picker.

  • Select a file you wish to open in Kami to complete the connection.

3️⃣ Installing Kami on Canvas

In Canvas:

  • Go to your Course Settings then click on the Apps tab. Type in "Kami" and click Add app.

  • You’ll be asked to add a Consumer Key and Shared Secret. Click Generate LTI Key to generate the codes. Make sure to use the same Key and Secret across all of your courses.

📌 Note: This step might’ve been done by your Tech Admin already. Multiple installations can cause issues, so double check by opening Canvas Course Settings > Apps > View App Configurations. If Kami is on that list, you are good to go.

4️⃣ How to add students to your teacher license

The easiest way to add students to your license is to create a Kami assignment with Canvas. Watch the quick tutorial below on how to get started:

After you add students to your license, teach them how to get started, open, and submit their first Kami assignment using this Guide for Students

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