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Working on Kami Assignments in Canvas as a Student
Working on Kami Assignments in Canvas as a Student

Everything a student needs to know about doing their Kami assignments in Canvas

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How to do Kami Assignments as a Student

1. Open your Kami Assignment

Go into the Assignments tab in one of your Courses, then click the Kami assignment you'd like to work on. After selecting your Assignment, it should directly open in Kami.

2. Load and annotate your Kami Assignment

Once your file has loaded in Kami, you should see all the Kami tools on the left to work on your Kami Assignment. Depending on what your teacher has set on the Kami assignment settings, the assignment could open in Kami while still inside Canvas (like the image below), or it could open in Kami on a new tab separately.

3. Turn in your Kami Assignment

Once you're done with your work, you can then turn it in directly from Kami to Canvas by clicking the Submit button at the top right corner of Kami. Wait for it to finish submitting before you close your window. The button will then change to Unsubmit, indicating that the Kami Assignment has been successfully turned in. If you forgot something and want to edit your Kami assignment again, simply click the Unsubmit button, edit your work, and then click the Submit button.

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