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How to install Kami's manual Canvas LTI Integration
How to install Kami's manual Canvas LTI Integration

Instructions for installing Kami's Canvas integration and some tips to avoid known issues.

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Finding the Kami app for installation

The Kami's Canvas integration can be added to either a specific course, or to all the courses within your Canvas site if you are an administrator. Browse to the Settings (1) section of your site or course, and then choose the Apps tab (2).

In the External Apps Center, there will be a search bar (3) on the right. From there, you should be able to search for Kami. Once you select Kami (4) it should take you to the details of the app.

Adding the app to your Canvas courses

The app details are all here you can read them before you add the app.

Click Add app (1) to install the Kami app, you will need to input a Consumer Key and Shared Secret.

Click the following button to generate your LTI Key and Secret:

❗️ Please ensure that you use the same Key and Secret across all of your courses.

✏️ Generating a Key for the integration is restricted to users on either a paid or trial license.

Once you added your Consumer Key and Shared secret, click Add App to complete the integration.

If you need to edit anything regarding the Kami app or to confirm it installed click View App Configurations (2):

✏️ If you don't see a little cog wheel option you might not have access to edit apps, please contact your Canvas admin if you need to edit the app for any reason.

​Alternative Install Method: External URL

In the event that you do not have a hosted domain, or are unable to see the App Center, you can still install Kami via the External URL Method:

When you bring up the Apps Center, you will need to click the button at the top right + App.

Choose By URL as the configuration type then set up the settings as follows, using as the configuration URL and the key and secret for your particular license.

Click Submit to complete the integration.

For help on using this integration to push out assignments to your class, see

For assistance with LTI errors and how to fix them, see

There is now an automated way to install the paid Canvas and Kami integration. See:

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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