To enhance our Schoology LTI integration, we rolled out a new version (V2) that includes new features over the existing integration such as:

  • Feature Control for assignments

  • Support for iPad users

  • Support for copying assignments across courses

  • Support for co-teachers

  • Better file organization

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Tip: Make sure you've got the Kami Chrome extension installed for a more seamless integration experience.

How to install Kami in your Schoology LTI

This setup requires Schoology Admin access. Please contact your admin for this LTI installation.

  • While logged in as an admin, go to the App Centre

  • Scroll down, then select Kami

  • Click Install LTI 1.1 App (blue button)

  • Click Add to Organization

  • Click Configure (grey button)

  • Now that you have your configure page open, go to the Kami Customer Panel, then select Schoology under the Learning Management Systems dropdown on the top left.

  • In the Kami Customer Panel, you should see a set of Consumer Keys and Shared Secrets. Copy and paste these back to the Kami app configuration page in Schoology, then click Save Settings.

  • To finish, select installed apps in Schoology. Scroll down to find and select Kami.

  • Click Install LTI 1.1 App, then Add to Organization once again.

  • Click Install/Remove button next to Kami, then select All Courses before clicking Submit.

That's it! Now you've got the newest version of our Schoology integration. For any questions, you can reach out to our team at

How to create Kami assignments with the new Schoology LTI

  • On the Schoology Course page, click Add Materials, and then click Kami in the dropdown.

  • Now you should see the Kami assignment dialog where you can create an assignment by selecting a file from Google Drive or OneDrive. Fill out the rest of the section before clicking Proceed.

Tip: Enable Assessment Mode to add a due date and automate submission. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.

Use Control Features to turn on/off Kami tools for this particular assignment. This feature gives teachers the option to choose which tools they want their students to use for a particular assignment.

Optionally, you can click the newly created assignment and click the Edit Template button to make some changes or additions to the assignment file before your students access the assignment.

Monitoring and Grading

  • To monitor students' progress in real-time, or to grade their work, open the Kami assignment in Schoology and click Open Grader.

  • In the Open Grader, you'll be able to monitor student's work before they even click the submit button.

    Note: The "Opened" status under the student's name means that they have yet to submit their work.

  • When you're ready for grading, simply enter a grade number and a comment, then click Post to finish. That grade and comment will also be shown in the grade book.

  • To grade or monitor another student's work, simply click on their name in the Open Grader to load the student's copy of the assignment.

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