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Using Kami's Paid Canvas Integration πŸ”’
Using Kami's Paid Canvas Integration πŸ”’

How to create Kami Assignments inside of Canvas

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How to create a Kami Assignment (Teacher Side)

Firstly, browse to the assignment creation screen and click "Create Assignment"

Scroll down after adding the features/settings you want in Canvas.

In the 'Submission Type' box, choose 'External Tool'

Click the 'Find' button,

Choose 'Kami Assignment'

This will take you to our Kami Assignment window:

Choose which location to pick your file from [Google Drive or One Drive] to use for your assignment (Kami will convert files, so images, office documents, and PDFs are all OK).

Click on the document you want then click 'Select'

then click 'Proceed'

You then get taken back to the following window again and need to click "Select" to complete the process as shown below:

[Note: If you're unsure of what the Assessment mode or Real-time monitoring options do, please refer to these articles - Kami Assessment mode | Kami Realtime Monitoring

How to open and turn in an Assignment (Student Side)

When a student is in their Canvas account, they can click on the 'Assignments' dropdown to check for new postings:

Then click on the assignment that they want to complete.
When clicked on Kami will show up embedded in the window or in a new page depending on the settings that the student had chosen.

[Note: Once a student loads the assignment, Kami will automatically create a copy of the file and add it to the Google Drive account of both the teacher and the student.]

When the student is finished, they can turn in the file using the 'Submit' button at the top right corner:

Grading responses using Speed Grader (Teacher)

Teachers can see the status and grade their student's responses using the 'SpeedGrader' β„’ tool:

This allows you to give detailed feedback using the Kami tools directly on the student's work.
Click 'Submit' for this to send to the student.

If you encounter any issues when using this workflow in Kami, please contact us at We will be happy to look into this for you.

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