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Creating a Kami Assignment (Teachers)

Browse to the assignment creation screen as you usually would, and in the 'Submission Type' box, choose 'External Tool'

Click the 'Find' button, and choose Kami Google Drive assignment:

Choose a file from the picker to use for your assignment (Kami will convert files, so images, office documents, PDFs are all OK).

Choose select to save the external tool selection. We recommend you choose 'Load in a new tab' so your students get a full-screen Kami view.

Opening and turning in an Assignment (Students)

Your students will have either an embedded Kami view or a button to open Kami, if you chose to have them load in a new tab on the previous step. Once they load the file, Kami will automatically create a copy of the file for that student and add it to the Google Drive account of both the teacher and the student.

When the student is finished, they can turn in the file using the button at the top right corner:

Grading responses using Speed Grader (Teacher)

Teachers can see the status and grade their student's responses using the speed grader tool:

This allows you to give detailed feedback using all the Kami tools while submitting a grade through Canvas.


If you have any feedback about this integration, email us at - we're keen to hear it!

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