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Creating Kami Assignments in Google Classroom
Creating Kami Assignments in Google Classroom

Learn how to create an Assignment using the Kami Google Classroom Integration

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Creating an Assignment using the Kami Google Classroom integration is as easy as clicking a button, but before you can start using the Kami Google Classroom Integration, you must install the Kami Chrome Extension.

Once the extension is installed, you can Create a Kami Assignment directly inside your Google Classroom.

How to create a Kami Assignment in Google Classroom

1. Open the Kami Assignment Window

Go into the Classwork tab in one of your courses, then click the +Create button. You should see the 'Kami Assignment' option if the extension was installed correctly.

📌 You can also create a Kami Assignment from your Kami dashboard by clicking the Google Classroom Assignment button.

2. Select Material To Assign

You should now see a Kami Assignment window. You can set the title, add text instructions, and attach a file using Google Drive or a local file. You can even pick a Kami Library template to assign.

At the bottom right of this pop-up, we've added some features to help students and to allow the teacher more customization when creating an assignment:

Send Kami Instructions to Students

This attaches a Kami help article to the assignment with instructions for setting up Kami and using the integration to help students get started with their assignments.

Add Links for Mobile Devices

Attaches an extra link to the assignment that functions as an “open with Kami” button. This option is designed for users working from iPads or similar model devices where the extension cannot be installed.

Control Features

You can just pick this and then select or unselect the tools you'd like your students to have or not to have in their toolbox for that specific assignment. You can learn more about Control Features in this help article.

Share type for the files in the Kami assignment can be set to:

  • Make a copy for each student as default and recommended for a regular flow of assignments.

  • Students share one copy means all students will work on the same file.

  • Students cannot edit file means they can only view the file.

3. Assign your Kami Assignment

Once you've set up the assignment, click the Assign button, and the Assignment goes out to the students. (You can also use the dropdown arrow to save the assignment as a Draft or Schedule the assignment for later).

After clicking the Assign button, you should see a new window confirming the assignment has been created.

And... You're all done! Your students should now have access and can start working on their assignments using the Kami Google Classroom integration.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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