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How to use Kami Class View in Microsoft Teams
How to use Kami Class View in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Class View option. This article is purposed to show you how to use Class View in Microsoft Teams.

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Kami's Class View feature allows teachers to:

  • View the whole class' Kami assignment files at the same time.

  • Monitor students' progress with Kami's Real-time Monitoring feature.

  • Leave feedback using any of the Kami tools, including multi-media Comments

Who can use Class View?

Any teachers who have a Teacher as their account type in Microsoft Teams.

How to use Class View

1. Create or choose your Kami assignment

To get started, you'll need a Kami assignment. This article explains how to create one in Microsoft Teams. If you already have a Kami assignment, follow the next steps below.

2. Access Class View in Microsoft Teams

Once your class has opened their work via Kami, you can access the Class View feature in Microsoft Teams by going to the Kami assignment and clicking any of the student names to view the grading window.

Once you have entered a student's work, click on the Kami file on the right-hand side

You will then see an option for Class View.

Checking student progress in real-time

Kami has a Real-time Monitoring feature that allows you to check your student's progress. This means you can view and give feedback on their work before they turn it in. This feature is included in Class View. You don't need to do anything besides opening your students' files into Class View as long as they have opened them at least once.

3. Provide feedback in Class View

Class View gives you columns (left to right) displaying each student’s work and each page of a student’s work in rows (top to bottom). At the top of each column, you’ll see the student’s name.

For personalized feedback, we recommend using our multi-media Comment tools, which allow you to provide feedback in text, voice, video, or screen capture video.

Sort feature

With our newest update to this feature, we have added the Sort and Filter option. They will appear respectively at the top left of Class View, as seen in the images below:

The Sort option allows you to change the order in which you see the assignments. You have an Alphabetical order option by First Name/Last Name A-Z

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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