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Why Does Kami Need Google Drive And Chrome Permissions?
Why Does Kami Need Google Drive And Chrome Permissions?

Learn about Drive and Chrome permissions

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Kami needs to ask for various permissions in order to run correctly.

What Google Drive Permissions looks like:

Here is a breakdown of what these permissions include:

See, edit, create and delete the files in your Google Drive
- This is used to allow Kami to function with Google Drive. For example, Kami needs these permissions to open files from Drive, add shared files to your Drive, create individual copies from classroom assignments and sharing links. The Delete permissions might seem a little scary. The main reason, that permission is required for auto-save/syncing changes back to Drive, is that to "save" the file, Kami deletes the current copy and replace it with the updated version.

Please note that despite those permissions, Kami staff have no way to view or access your stored files without you sharing them with us for troubleshooting.

See and download all your Google Drive files

- This permission is needed to allow you to open files from Drive directly from Kami.

Add itself to Google Drive

- This is used to allow the Drive connected app to Google Drive so the "Annotate with Kami" button can be used to load files into Kami via Drive.

Manage Coursework and Grades for Students in the Google Classroom Classes you teach and view the course work and Grades for Classes you Administer

- This permission is required for the Google Classroom integration to be able to create assignments for your classes, as well as submit grades back whilst grading using the "Grade with Kami" option.

Manage your Coursework and view your Grades in Google Classroom

- This permission is required for the student side of the Classroom Integration, individual copies for the students can be created when a Kami assignment is made through the integration.

Manage Your Google Classroom Classes

- This permission is needed for the Classroom integration to function properly.

Chrome Extension Permissions:

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - This is used to allow auto-opening of Web files with Kami. This can be disabled in your account settings.

Display notifications - This is used to display a notification when your collaborators edit a document.

Communicate with cooperating websites - This is used to allow the Kami Web/Google Drive app to use the Text to Speech Tool and other functions that require the Kami extension.

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