Kami needs to ask for various permissions in order to run correctly.

Google Drive Permissions:

View and manage the files in your Google Drive - This is used to allow Kami to function with Google Drive. For example, Kami needs this permission to open files from Drive and sync back to Drive.

View email address and basic profile info - This is used to setup your Kami account with your Google account.

Add itself to Google Drive - This is used to open files from Google Drive with Kami.

Chrome Extension Permissions:

Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - This is used to allow auto-opening of Web files with Kami. This can be disabled in your account settings.

Display notifications - This is used to display a notification when your collaborators edit a document.

Communicate with cooperating websites - This is used to allow the Kami Web/Google Drive app to use the Text to Speech Tool and other functions that require the Kami extension.

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