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Removing authorization/permission from a Google or Microsoft account
Removing authorization/permission from a Google or Microsoft account

How to locate the setting to remove third party access to your Google/Microsoft account

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Finding the authorization settings in Google

Managing your account

Make sure you are logged in with the Google email account that you use Kami with, then go to Google and select your account at the top right and click Manage your Google Account

Your Google Account settings will appear, you want to go to Data & privacy then scroll down until you locate Third-party apps& services this section should be a button, select it

Here you will need to find the Kami app permissions, you can either scroll in the app section or type Kami in the search bar. Once you locate Kami click to go to the next step.

Deleting permissions linking your Google account with Kami

Once you select the Kami app in the previous step you will have a list of settings to select, scroll down to the bottom. The setting you are looking for is Delete all connections you have with Kami select this

It will prompt you to confirm, select confirm to complete the step

Your Google account is now disconnected from Kami, and Kami doesn't have permissions to your account anymore.

Finding the authorization settings in Microsoft

Managing your account

Go to OneDrive and select your account icon at the top right, this will give you a drop down menu showing some account details. Find the button that says View account select it

On the left you will then see a menu bar with information sections. Find the My Apps section and select it

The My Apps button should take you to the Apps dashboard. You can search for Kami in the search bar at the top select the 3 dots at the top right of the Kami app and click Manage your application

Deleting permissions linking your Microsoft account with Kami

You will be able to Revoke consent to Kami on the right hand side. Once you select that button your Kami account will not have permission to your Microsoft account anymore.

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