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Google Account, Drive, and Chrome permissions with Kami
Google Account, Drive, and Chrome permissions with Kami

The Kami app needs to ask for various permissions to function efficiently. This article is a short summary of those permissions.

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Types of permissions

The Kami app asks for various permissions depending on the type of Kami user you are and the access you need. Below are sections about limited permissions, full permissions, extra permission for Google admins, and Chrome extension permissions.

Full Permissions

This will ask you to permit the Kami app to work with your Google Drive files and do the automated parts of the integrations.

✏️ Scopes of these permissions only get used when the user triggers specific actions or uses any feature that requires them to be used. See more about our Privacy Policy.

Short summary of permissions

See, edit, create, and delete the files in your Google Drive

This permission allows you to use the Kami app to function fully with Google Drive. As the permission suggests, it will allow you to open, edit, create, and sync the sharing settings of the files while in the app. The delete permission only allows the app to delete files that it temporarily creates but are no longer needed. This mostly happens during Kami assignment creation for temporary copies of templates.

Connect itself to your Google Drive

This allows the Kami app to load the Google Drive window inside the app itself. It also adds Kami as an add-on to Google Drive to enable functionality such as the "Annotate with Kami" button in Google Drive's context menu and file preview.

See, create, and edit topics in Google Classroom

This allows you to use the Kami app to select or create new topics when the user is in the Kami assignment creation window.

Manage coursework and grades for students in the Google Classroom classes you teach and view the coursework and grades for classes you administer

This permission is required for the Google Classroom integration, which allows users to create Kami assignments, submit grades back while grading using the Grade with Kami option, and load all the classwork in Kami Class View.

See, create and edit coursework items including assignments, questions, and grades

This allows the teacher to use Kami's Update Work feature to edit the Kami assignment template file and push changes to the student copies. This gives the students access to open their student copy of the Kami assignment to view, edit, and turn it in through the Kami app.

View your Google Classroom class rosters

This permission is needed for the Kami assignment to include the option of selecting which class to assign it to and creating student copies for the people on those rosters.

See, edit, create, and permanently delete your Google Classroom classes

This permission is only asked when using Kami's Class Snapshot feature, as explained here.

Extra permissions for Google Admins

Below is a screenshot of what it would look like for an Admin to accept Google permissions in the Kami app. It adds extra permissions to the full list for the admin to work with the domain through the Kami license dashboard.

Limited Permissions

As the name suggests, this limits Kami from using your Google Drive without you needing to perform extra steps to authorize access to each file.

❗️ This is not suited for Teachers and Students. It will prevent the use of any LMS integrations.

To set your Kami account to use limited permissions, follow these steps to activate limited permissions when logging into Kami.

Firstly, select the little cog wheel at the bottom right of the Kami login page.

The Advanced Options will open. Untick the Use full Google Drive permissions setting and close the window.

Once you close the window, you can log in, and the permissions list that prompts you to accept will now use a limited permission scope.

✏️ If you have already allowed full permission in the past, you will have to revoke it before the limited permission setting will function as intended. If you need help revocating old permissions, please refer to this article.

Chrome Extension Permissions

This general permission allows the following list of things to be placed and work.

  • Open with Kami buttons

  • Automatically open PDFs in Kami

  • Kami buttons in the Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology integration

  • Downloading files

  • Adding Open with Kami as a selection in some context menu

  • Kami buttons on some apps, such as Canva, Teachers Pay Teachers, Google apps, and Microsoft apps

Removing permissions

To revoke permissions, please visit this article.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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