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How to use the Read Aloud tool in Kami
How to use the Read Aloud tool in Kami

Learn more about the Read Aloud tool and how it works.

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How does the Read Aloud tool work?

Kami’s Read Aloud tool lets you listen to text in Kami. You can also change the voice, speed, and user controls of the narration. Read Aloud works for any documents with readable text, including scanned documents, PDFs, or images.

What does each Read Aloud control do?

  • Previous Sentence: Move back to the previous sentence.

  • Next Sentence: Skip to the following sentence.

  • Loop: Repeats the highlighted text in a loop.

  • Read Page/Resume: Read the page from top to bottom, or resume reading.

  • Pause: Stop reading when paused.

  • Stop: Stop reading completely.

  • Voice: Select a voice from a range of different accents and languages. You can also change the speed and pitch, and play a preview before saving your settings. The voice selection list will vary between devices and software.

  • Speed: Increase/decrease the reading speed.

How to use the Read Aloud tool:

  1. Select Read Aloud from your toolbar (the third tool from the top).

  2. Press Play to read the entire page. Otherwise, highlight specific text to start reading that text only.

  3. Choose any control from the Read Aloud selections (Previous, Next, Loop, Read Page, Pause or Stop).

  4. Change the Voice to suit your needs.

  5. Change the Speed of the reading if desired.

How to use Read Aloud's voice selection

  1. Select Read Aloud, then click the Change Voice button.

  2. In the pop-up, you have the option to select your desired voice and change the speed and pitch of that voice.

  3. Press Play to hear a preview, then click Save once all set.

How to add language options to the read aloud tool

To add more languages please go to this article here and it will run you through the best options if you need a variety of language options in the read aloud tool.

How to use Read Aloud with Dictionary

Kami’s Read Aloud tool is integrated into the Dictionary tool so you can listen to a word and its definitions.

  1. Select Dictionary from the toolbar.

  2. Highlight the unknown word, or click on it once.

  3. A Dictionary pop-up will show, select the speaker buttons to listen to the word itself or its definition.

How to use Read Aloud with Text Boxes

  1. Click on the Text Box with the Select tool.

  2. A pop-up will show, select the Read Aloud button to listen to the whole Text Box.

  3. Alternatively, select the Read Aloud tool in your toolbar and click on the textbox to listen to the text.

Improvement coming soon:

Use the Read Aloud tool to click on words that will be read individually. This will differ from the tool automatically reading entire sentences.

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