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How to create and log in to your Kami account
How to create and log in to your Kami account

Learn how to create your sign in or log in to the Kami App using either your Google, Microsoft, or other email account.

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Opening Kami

You can access the Kami login page by going to, clicking the Login button, or going directly to

🔍 Using Kami for the first time?

We recommend that you install the Kami extension. Here's how you do it for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Creating your Kami Account

✏️ Not using Google or Microsoft email?

Choosing Continue with Email will prompt you to enter your preferred email address and password to be used for your Kami account.

Logging into Kami

Logging back into Kami is easy! You can access Kami the same way you signed up, either by clicking the login button at or going directly to

Kami will recognize you from the last time you logged in. Opening the app should take you straight to your Kami Dashboard if you’re asked to log in, simply sign in with the appropriate email account that you used when you created your Kami account.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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