Kami Assessment Mode LTI

Learn how to use Kami's new Assessment Mode LTI with Canvas and Schoology integrations.

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What is Assessment Mode in Kami?

Assessment Mode allows teachers to create new assignments as an assessment. With this mode, teachers gain more control over the work they assign to students — super useful for summative assessments or similar activities!

In Assessment Mode, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable the Due Date feature with a countdown timer.

  • Change the due date and time of your assignments before they're due.

  • Automatically receive all of the students' work when the due date is reached.

  • Have full access to files once the student has submitted their work.

  • Return graded work to the students using Kami's built-in Return button.

  • Return graded work to all students using the Return All button.

Is Assessment Mode available for all users?

Assessment Mode is currently available for Canvas and Schoology LTI users.

How does Assessment Mode work?

Watch the tutorial video below or continue reading for a step-by-step:

Enabling Assessment Mode

When creating a new Kami assignment, click the Assessment Mode check box to enable this in the assignment settings. Enabling this mode will automatically show the option to select a due date.

Selecting a due date (optional)

The Due Date feature allows teachers to set a specific time and date to end the assessment. When you enable the due date, a countdown timer will appear on your student's menu bar. Kami will automatically return all unsubmitted work to the teacher when the time's up.

Note: You can change the due date settings anytime before the original due date has passed.

How to edit the due date for Schoology assignments

  • In Schoology, select your assignment.

  • In the Schoology Assignment Menu, click Settings.

  • Change the assignment deadline.

How to edit the due date for Canvas assignments

  • In Canvas, go to assignments in your course.

  • Click the assignment you wish to edit the due date for.

  • Select Menu in the Kami window.

  • Select Canvas settings.

  • Change the assignment deadline.

Countdown timer (Student's view)

To indicate that Assessment Mode is enabled, students will see a countdown timer on the top left-hand side of the menu bar. This feature tells them how much time they have left to complete and submit their work.

Note: Assessment Mode revokes students' access to Kami's sharing and printing features. This gives the teacher full access to the assessment file until it is returned to the student.

Manual and automatic submissions (Student's view)

Students can manually submit their work in Kami using the Submit button on the top right-hand side of the menu bar.

Otherwise, if the due date is reached and they haven't yet clicked Submit, Kami will automatically submit their work on their behalf. Students will see a dialog message saying that their work has been submitted for them.

Students instantly lose access to view or edit their work once submitted, so they'll be redirected to the Kami Dashboard. They'll only regain access once the teacher has returned it to them.

Returning assessments back to students

After grading in Kami, click the Return button or Return All button. Here's the difference:

  1. Return All – choose this option if you want to return work to all students whose work was submitted. Kami will let you know how many students completed their work and how many were incomplete. This option may have a few seconds delay depending on the class size.

  2. Return – choose this option if you want to return the specific assessment or assignment you have open in Kami. This option automatically returns the work back to the student.

Viewing graded assessments

Once the teacher has returned the work, students can open the assessment from their LMS (Canvas or Schoology) or their Kami Recents list found on the Dashboard.

Tip: Real-time Monitoring with Assessment Mode

When using Kami with Canvas, we suggest enabling both Real-time Monitoring and Assessment Mode. Kami's Real-time Monitoring feature allows teachers to leave in-progress feedback.

Schoology users can also enable this feature, while Schoology LTI users will get this option by default. Read this article to find out how to set up Schoology LTI for your school.

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