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In-progress Feedback through Canvas
In-progress Feedback through Canvas

How to add annotations to a student's work for in-progress assignments through the Canvas and Schoology integrations via Google Drive.

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Sometimes, you may want to check in on your students to see how they're getting on with their homework, or need to provide some extra feedback and guidance to get the student back on track.

With Canvas, you now have the ability to monitor and provide real-time feedback as the students work on the document, either through the Canvas Speed Grader, or onto the files directly through Google Drive:

Setting up Real-Time Feedback in the Canvas Speed Grader.

When creating a Kami Assignment using the Canvas LTI integration, there is a new button labeled: "Enable Real-Time Monitoring"

1. Tick that box, and push the assignment out as normal.

2. Once the students have opened the assignment on their devices, you can open the file into the Speed Grader, and then use the Kami tools to mark up the student's document, or watch them annotate it in real-time.

Please note that this will mark the assignment as "submitted" in the Canvas GradeBook, as in order for the file to appear in Speed Grader, we have to force a submission when the file is opened. The files can still be viewed in progress via Google Drive, if this process causes issues with your workflow because you rely on the Gradebook to let you know when the student has finished working, or for any assignments.

If that interrupts your current workflow b you haven't ticked that option for, you can also open and view the student's work through the assignment folder in Drive.

Setting up in-progress grading for the Canvas Integration via Google Drive:

1. Open Google Drive.

2. Select the Kami folder, and then the folder for the relevant course.

3. Click the relevant assignment folder.

4. Locate the work of the student you wish to review.

5. Right-click on the file and select Open with and then Annotate with Kami.

Once the file is opened, you can start adding your own annotations to provide feedback or intervention for your students. Any annotations you create on the file will be automatically shared back to the students' copy, so you can use this to collaborate with them in real time. If you are unable to locate a student’s work in the assignment folder, it likely means either they haven’t opened the file yet, or have deleted the file by mistake.

If you are not seeing the "open with Kami" option, you may need to click on "Connect more apps" at the bottom of that "Open with" Menu and add Kami as a connected app.

Tips & tricks for giving in-progress feedback

The Screen Capture tool for quick demos: If you need to demonstrate the answer to a particular question, but don’t want to leave the full answer or draw over the student’s work, an easy method is using the Screen Capture Comment tool. Using this tool you can film your screen as you explain a question and attach it as a comment on the side of the student’s work. When you have finished filming your demo you can erase any annotations you made so they are not in the way of you’re student’s work.

Using the Signature Tool for progress stamps: You can use the Signature Tool to give your students fun Stamps. Simply upload an image into the tool, such as a Good Work stamp or a Tick icon. Use the quick-select menu to quickly drop that image onto the page without having to re-upload it via the menu each time.

If you run into any issues with accessing or annotating the student's work, please let us know via with screenshots of any error messages, and the name of the file, and we'll be happy to help!

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