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Getting Started with Kami
Guide for Students
Guide for Students: How to set up and complete Kami assignments
Guide for Students: How to set up and complete Kami assignments
Learn how to get started, complete, and submit your first Kami assignment.
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1. Set up your Kami to get started

Install the Kami extension:

  • If you are a Google user, install the Kami Chrome Extension here.

  • Click Add to Chrome, then Add Extension.

  • If you are a Microsoft user, install the Kami Edge Extension here.

  • Click Get, then Add Extension.

Sign up or log in to Kami:

  • To open Kami, click the extension from your browser, or head straight to

  • Sign up or log in using your school's email account, either With Google, Microsoft, or Email.

  • If signing up, follow the prompts to create a profile and make sure to select Student as your role. This allows your teacher(s) to find your profile and add you to their Kami teacher license.

2. Open your assignment with Kami

  • Click the Kami link you received from your teacher. You'll be taken directly to your own copy of the assignment.

  • Now you're in Kami, you can start working on your assignment using all of Kami's tools!

3. Submit your Kami assignment

  • Once you've finished your work, click the Share Document icon on the menu bar:

  • In the Sharing Permission area, set permission to either My Domain or Anyone with the link.

  • Select Create individual copy.

  • Copy the Kami link and share it with your teacher.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Kami automatically saves your work as you go! You can also click the Save button in the top right-hand corner.

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