Grading with Kami in Canvas
Steps for Grading inside of Canvas using the Kami tools to markup and provide feedback on a student's work
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For teachers using Canvas with Kami for assignments we have a feature that allows you to use the Kami tools as part of the grading process either when the students have submitted their work.

Note this is a feature for paid users only.

For instructions on how to push a Kami assignment out with Canvas, follow the instructions in the article here:

Below are instructions on how to access this feature and grade with the Kami tools:

1. Open the Assignments option from the Course Options list in Canvas

2. Select and click the assignment you wish to grade.

3. Select the Speed Grader from the top right of the page


Once you have selected the Speed Grader, Canvas will open the grading viewer. If you have the Kami extension installed, the assignment file will load in a Kami window inside of the Grader.

3. Once the file has loaded, you can mark up, add comments and feedback to the students work.

4. Once you have marked up the document, you can add a grade and any other comments.  That grade and the annotations will be automatically returned to the student.

You can use the arrows on either side of the Students name at the top-right of the screen to cycle between the submitted files


 If the Speed Grader doesn’t display the Kami tools when you open the file, make sure that the Kami Chrome extension is installed on the device, and if it is still missing, or you have any trouble grading using those tools, email us at

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