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Devices Compatible with Kami

Which devices are supported with Kami, and how to access Kami on your own device

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Kami is a web application and is compatible with a range of different platforms. This article should give you an overview of the way Kami works on each device and what the requirements are. 

Overview list of the devices supported with Kami

  • Chromebooks

  • Desktop - PC/Windows devices

  • Mac: OS

  • Android: Phone and Tablets (incl types of

  • Drawing Tablets: Wacom and Wacom pens

  • Stylus pens: Any

  • Printer Devices: Any

Using Kami on different devices

Accessing Kami on Chromebooks PC/Windows, Mac

Sign up online at using a school email or personal email,

Log in and access Kami via the web at

See more on this process here. Creating a Kami account and Installing Kami


Note: Kami was developed primarily with a 1:1 Google class in mind and has optimum performance on this platform.

Accessing Kami on Mobile Devices and Tablets


There is no specific Kami iOS app, so logging into Kami using the web browser is how to access Kami on these devices

To access Kami on an iPad or iPhone:

  1. Go to in your Chrome app.

  2. Click Sign in and log in using your Google account details.

  3. Load up the Kami document using the Open from Google Drive for any files assigned via Google Classroom or Open from Computer options.

Once your file has loaded up in Kami you can make full use of the toolbar, with some notable exceptions. You will not be able to use:

  • Comment Tool - Screen Capture

All other tools will function as normal and edits to docs will be synced to Google Drive.

You can find out more about Kami on iPad here:

You can find out more about using Kami with a Stylus here:

Android Devices (Tablet or Phone) 

To access Kami on an Android device:

Use the Chrome Browser / app- installed onto your device ( we recommend using the latest version)

  • Optional: Google Drive and Google Classroom apps

  • Optional: Kami PWA installation onto your device

    This Progressive Web Application (PWA) option for Kami isn't a stand-alone Android app, but it will allow you to access the Kami tools directly from your home screen. 

    To do this, go to on the Chrome app on your Android device, go to the hamburger icon on the top-right. Then select 'Desktop site'


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