Kami App

The Kami app is a web-based app that can be accessed through a web browser. Unlike many other apps and software, Kami App does not need to be installed on your device.

URL: http://web.kamihq.com/

Above: The Kami App's home page

Having said that, Kami does have these three additional modules that the user can install on their Google Chrome and/or Google Drive:

1.) Kami Browser Extension

(recommended, required for LMS integration)

  • Provide the functionality to Kami + LMS integration.

  • Acts as a shortcut to open Kami App on a new tab.

  • Lets you use Kami App offline.

  • Lets you get Kami notifications.

  • Also available for the Microsoft Edge browser.

2.) Kami Google Drive Add-on

(recommended, required for school-wide or district-wide deployments)

  • Provides the ability to open files in Google Drive directly into Kami App.

  • Lets you use Kami App as the default PDF viewer for your Google Drive PDF files.

Right-click on a file in Google Drive > Open With > Annotate with Kami. This will load the file in the Kami App in another tab.

3.) Kami Chrome App


  • Acts as a shortcut to open Kami App through the chrome://apps/

  • Lets you use Kami App offline.

Quick Tip - Non-PDF files will be converted to a PDF version of that file when you open it in Kami. This new PDF version of the file does not replace the original file nor will it transfer any of the changes you make back onto it. Make sure to save this new PDF version to your Google Drive or local folder.

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