Kami is a web application and thus it is compatible with a range of different platforms. This article should give you an overview of the way Kami works on each device and what the requirements are. 

Chromebooks (Recommended Platform)

Kami was developed primarily with 1:1 Google class in mind. 


  • A valid email address to create a Kami login (this can be the same as school issued email address for ease of management)
  • The Kami Chrome Extension needs to be installed on the browser
  • To access the full suite of features students and teachers need access to either a free trial license or a paid plan (more information about the different plans can be found on the pricing page here  

Note: If you are an network administrator it is possible to deploy the Kami Chrome Extension via the G-suite admin panel (see our article on how to do that here).



PC / Windows

Since Kami is a web application it can be access from the browser you just need to ensure that you have Chrome and Kami extension installed and that you create a login. 


Again since this is a web application, you are able to use Kami on both Windows or on Mac OS.


  • Chrome browser / app is installed (recommend latest version)
  • The Kami Chrome Extension needs to be installed on the browser


Mobile And Tablets


Kami is able to run on iOS, however there are a few limitations and workarounds to bare in mind when using Kami on iPads or iPhones.

Unfortunately because Apple does not support Chrome extensions or rendering non-embedded annotations on PDFs. On top of this there have been some recent changes to the Drive/Classroom apps that have rendered some of the workarounds we had in place previously to overcome are now obsolete. 

The current workaround for this is to open the assignment from the Chrome app on iPad.


Kami doesn't have these limitations on non-embedded PDF content on Android and will render these changes in the Drive/Classroom app as well as the Chrome app. 

Functionality should be otherwise very similar to using Kami on other devices. 


  • Chrome Browser / app is installed (recommend latest version)
  • Optional: Google Drive and Google Classroom app
  • Optional: Kami PWA installed 

Notes: There is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) option for Kami . It isn't quite a stand-alone Android app, but it will allow you to access the Kami tools directly from you home screen. 

To do that you just need to go to https://web.kamihq.com/web/viewer.html on the Chrome app on your Android device, go to the hamburger icon on the top-right. Then select 'Desktop site'


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