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How to re-use Kami assignments in Schoology
How to re-use Kami assignments in Schoology

How to save assignments for re-use. How to easily copy Kami assignments in Schoology.

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Why should I save my Kami assignments in my Resources in Schoology?

To copy a course in Schoology is quite simple you can copy a specific assignment directly. But there is a better way if you want to continuously use the same content every year afresh. Using the Recourses section in Schoology allows you to re-use Kami assignments for multiple different courses and has an easy way to multi-select courses and do mass copies.

How to save/copy assignments to resources.

Go to the course and assignments you want to re-use now or in the future. Click the cog icon next to the assignment here you will see two options.

Copy to Course

If you select Copy to Course it will give you the option to directly copy your Kami assignment to any other course. Simply select your desired course(s) and then click Copy

Save to Resources

Selecting Save to Resources will give you the option to save your Kami assignment permanently to your Resources section in Schoology.

Select the collection and folder in the resource section you want to save the assignment to. Then click Save Copy.

You can then locate it in the Resources section at the top navigation bar in Schoology.

From here you can then copy these assignments to any of your Schoology courses from here on out. Select the assignments you want to copy to a particular course then click the Edit button at the top, then select Add to Course.

Select your course.

Then select Import to finish copying your files.

❗️ The Warning in the screenshot above is if the course you are copying to isn't set up with the Kami External tool Integration. Please go to this article if you are unsure if your school has this set up.

How do I know if my courses were copied successfully?

To check this please go to the course you copied it to and you will be able to see them there. As seen below.

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