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How to add more voice options to Chrome OS
How to add more voice options to Chrome OS

This article will help you to understand where you can add more voice options to your Chromebooks

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To get started on a Chromebook, please go to the settings menu, which you can locate by using your Windows key. Once you are at the Chromebook settings, use the search bar to search Text-to-speech voice settings. It should be the first option in the search.

To install a new language, please go to these settings. Ideally, open the settings in a new tab because you want to return to this settings page later.

Once you select the Settings button, you can see all the available options to install. The search bar is at the top right

You can search for a specific language and then select the Install button to install it to your device

To make sure that it is turned on, please go back to the previous Text to Speech Voice Settings page and follow the next steps

Once you are back at the settings page, scroll to the very bottom and select the Settings button to the right of eSpeakNG text-to-speech extension.

After selecting that settings button, your Chrome browser should open to this screen seen below. Scroll through and select which language options you want to activate by using the toggle to the right of each individual language.

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