How to use Kami's Upgraded Google Classroom Integration as a student🔒
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If you are looking for the Teacher workflow please go to this link:

The Student's workflow:
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Step 1: Opening up a Kami Assignment

If the students have the Google Chrome extension installed, they can open the file into Kami directly from the preview window.

NOTE: Students using iPads, should not click on the file with the student's name, but should click on the mobile link named "Open with Kami". This will open up Kami without any trouble within the browser for those iOS devices.

Step 2: Completing a Kami Assignment

After opening the file, students are then able to complete their work using the Kami tools. Students will only have the tools their teacher chose with the "Control Features" option. "Control Features" can be updated in real time by the teacher.
See this collection for ideas on using the Kami tools for different subjects.

Step 3: Turning in work for Grading

When a student is finished with their work they can then TURN IN the assignment directly into Google Classroom from Kami.

To turn in the file, the student should click the Turn In button in the top-right corner. This will force save the student's annotations and turn in the assignment back to Google Classroom.

The main advantage of this feature is that it cuts down the steps needed to turn an assignment in. For example, students no longer need to manually save their work.

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