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How to use Kami with Canvas Modules
How to use Kami with Canvas Modules

A guide on how to create Kami assignments with Canvas Modules

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Adding Kami files and Kami assignments to Modules

Canvas Modules are available in your Canvas Courses. Once you are in a course, you can find Modules on the left (1). Create your Module or use an existing Module you have created in the past (2) and add a Kami assignment by selecting the + (3) on the right side of the module.

Once you select the +, you will be prompted to add an item.

You have three options:

  • Using an existing Kami assignment.

  • Creating a new Kami assignment directly to the module.

  • Creating a new Kami file that is either a shared copy or view-only.

Adding an existing Kami assignment

Once prompted to add a file, select Assignment in the drop-down list. You can select the assignment you want to add to the module and click Add item to finish.

Adding a new Kami assignment

To create new Kami assignments directly in the modules, go to the article below for the steps.

Adding a collaborative Kami document

You can start by selecting the External tool from the Add dropdown menu.

✏️ This will not let you do student individual copies. This feature allows you to create a shared file that your students can collaborate on together or a view-only document where they can only see your annotations.

Select Kami Share File, it will prompt you with the Kami assignment upload menu. Here, you can select where you want to load your file from. You also have the option here to make it a view-only file for your students by using the Students may view only toggle.

After selecting your file, press Continue.

Once you select Continue, you will be brought back to the previous pop-up window. To complete the assignment creation, select Add item.

Lastly, publish the new item you added and the module unless you want to delay its availability to your students.

πŸ” You can also add Kami files in Modules using the sharing link in Kami. Select the External URL option in the Add dropdown and add your sharing link there. Note that this does not take advantage of the Kami and Canvas integration.

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