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How to set up Kami with Google Drive
How to set up Kami with Google Drive

Learn how to integrate Kami with Google Drive and open files directly into Kami.

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Integrating Kami with your Google Drive

Kami’s integration with Google Drive makes it easier to open, edit, and manage all your files. Kami saves directly to your Google Drive, so you’ll never lose any of your work.

To get started, make sure to connect your Google Drive with Kami using the steps in the following article:

Also, make sure to install the Kami Chrome extension if you haven't already:

Opening files with Kami

You can easily open any file with Kami in two ways:

Right-click on the file, hover over Open With, and then select Annotate with Kami.

Open or preview a file, click Open With, then select Annotate with Kami

Saving your Kami documents in Google Drive

Kami automatically saves and syncs your files to Google Drive. To make sure this is working as expected, please open a file in Kami from your Google Drive and select the save button at the top right of the document. It should look as seen below:

🔍 Every time you save or export your Kami documents, you can always find them in one place - the Google Drive Kami Uploads folder, you can move your files by selecting the move button

Once you checked all that you will now be all set to use Kami with Google Drive.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here:

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