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How Files and Annotations get stored in Kami

About our Kami Cloud, Google and One Drive based storage system

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Kami uses a dual-saving system, consisting of an internal Kami Cloud Sync, OneDrive Sync, and Google Drive Sync (we are Google and Microsoft Teams partners).

How does Kami's Cloud Sync work?

As a Cloud-based service, we save a file's annotations, but not the files themselves. When you open a file in Kami, we remember the characteristics of the file. When you re-open the file, we recognize the file, and the file's annotations are loaded based on correctly identifying the file.

Using the Share Document button is the only exception to the above, of not uploading the file. You can remove the uploaded file at any time by clicking the Sharing button and selecting the "Remove upload" button at the bottom, as shown in the following screenshot:

The Kami Cloud Sync is inbuilt into the Kami system and syncs periodically throughout your time on a file. The screenshot below shows you when your annotations have been saved to the Kami Cloud Sync:

If you are working offline, you will instead see the following window show up:

"This file is not uploaded" along with the "No Connection. Changes Saved Locally." message.

And at the bottom right of the page that you are working on, it will also indicate this:

Read more about offline mode.

How does Google Drive sync work?

If you want a file directory to save your files, we would recommend using Google Drive.

You can upload any file to Drive by clicking the Save button in the top right, and then selecting Upload under the Google Drive heading.

How does OneDrive sync work?

After you have uploaded the file to the designated drive, it will continue to do automatic saves of your annotations as you work on the file.

If you open the file directly into Kami from OneDrive, Google Classroom or from Google Drive, annotations will automatically be uploaded.

Note: The Kami Cloud sync is separate from the Google Drive sync, and they have different alerts.

If your work isn't saving

You might be looking at a different copy of the file. Click Open File > View All. This will show you every copy of the file that you have made. Check each copy to find your work.

If you still can't sync your work

Please email our Customer Success team at with the following information:

  • Your Kami email address

  • A copy of the document using the Sharing Link Kami button to share the file with us.

  • Screenshots or screencasts explaining which annotations are missing and where the annotations should be.

Include the URL and file name in the screenshots/screencasts. Tell us who experienced the issue, an approximate time and date when the work was made, and when you realized there was an issue. We love details - they help us fix the problem as quickly as possible!

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