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Things to remember while using Kami offline

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The Kami app and extension allow you to work offline, annotating your documents as usual. Offline mode will be shown in the bottom right, and any changes will be saved locally, similar to the image below.

What can you do in Kami’s offline mode?

The beauty of Kami’s offline mode is that you can do almost everything in the app that you would normally do, just without the internet. This includes:

  • Editing any document type using our array of tools such as text boxes, freehand drawings, or shapes.

  • Annotate files using the text, voice, or video comments.

  • Insert shapes and images.

❗️The following tools require a direct internet connection to use:

  • The Dictionary Tool, as this requires connecting to the Oxford Dictionary definitions.

  • Document PDF Download

  • Text-to-speech (depending on your device, some will work).

  • Speech to text.

  • Google Drive syncing.

How to use Kami in offline mode

Follow these simple steps to use Kami’s offline mode successfully.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@kamiapp.com or book some training with one of our Teacher Success Champions here: https://www.kamiapp.com/training

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