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New Kami Landing Page

Open up Documents into Kami πŸ“‚ and navigate the new Kami interface

Updated over a week ago

The picture below is of the ✨Brand NEW✨ Kami home page that shows up when accessing Kami at

There are four ways to open a file in Kami!!!
Find these in the top left hand of the interface

- Open file From...

1) Option one: Google Drive. To access your Google Drive, just click on this icon. Kami will then take you to your Google Drive so that you can pick a file, once you have chosen a file from here it will then be loaded into Kami for you so that you can work directly on it.
2) The second option is OneDrive. To access your OneDrive, just click here and it will take you through to OneDrive to pick a document to then open into Kami.
3) My Computer will take you to your local computer storage where you can then choose a document to open into Kami. You can click the button to access files or can drag in files from your desktop to this Kami window, and it will automatically load the document up for annotating.
4) Create New Page to start a new blank page. Note that you can choose different blank page options of lined, grid, music notes and others to start off with the inside of Kami!

The two buttons below this are links to access Kami's various Tools: The Kami Text Recognition Tool Β© and The Kami Split & Merge tool. Β©
These are both separate apps and when you click on one, it will open up that tool into a new window for ease of access

Top right:
​Explore the Kami Library!
Choose from most popular templates, or go to the "Explore the Kami Library" button to find even more templates that are available to use for your assignments.
​Bottom left:
Recents List - the last document that you created in order from last opened.
​Bottom right:
Kami Help Center Help information: click on the topics to learn more about Kami features

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